Workforce Development

Youth Development Programs

MACCI works closely with area K-12 schools to coordinate programs that encourage, entice and educate students regarding local business opportunities.  From tours, to apprenticeship programs to reality venues, the interaction with business and industries is helping to build and shape our future workforce.

Cruisin’ For Careers

This program, coordinated by Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s Workforce Paradox Committee, was a new initiative started in 2013 to assist in addressing future workforce needs.  Hundreds of middle school students from area schools tour local businesses to learn more about the companies located in the Marshfield region.  This partnership between educators and the business community gives businesses the chance to showcase their facilities and workforce opportunities while exposing students to a variety of industry career options.

Crystal Apple

The Crystal Apple Awards program promotes community awareness of the quality of education in the Central Wisconsin area and showcases exceptional teaching talent. Teachers of Distinction and Crystal Apple winners are recognized by their peers, the business community, parents and administrators at a special dinner held each fall.

About the partnership: The Marshfield Area Chamber Foundation coordinates Partners in Educational Excellence and Workforce Development. The partnership consists of Central Wisconsin businesses and public and private school districts.

Who is eligible? Educators with one or more years of teaching experience currently working at school in Auburndale, Columbus Catholic, Granton, Greenwood, Immanuel Lutheran, Marshfield, Pittsville, Spencer, St. Joseph-Stratford, or Trinity Lutheran School-Marshfield. Crystal Apple Awards nominations will be available in September. Nominate an educator that made a difference in your life.

The Crystal Apple represents excellence in education and is awarded to outstanding teachers in the area.

2018-19 Crystal Apple Program

Xtreme Xploration

A career pathway and educational exploration event with “business and educational leaders sharing real life experiences to prepare students for post high school opportunities.” High school juniors from Marshfield and Columbus Schools can explore career clusters, seek advice on resume writing and interviewing, attend panel discussions on various topics including college life, learn about post-secondary education opportunities, and gain valuable information from community leaders. This event typically takes place in February.

The Central Wisconsin Reality Store

The store is designed to provide students with a glimpse of how much things cost and how quickly they add up. It is a game of “real life,” providing eighth grade students with an opportunity to create a monthly budget. Before the store opens students are assigned a gross income, marital, family and benefit status. The first lesson students learn is how to calculate their net monthly income from a gross salary. With this information, students visit the store to create a monthly budget that includes mortgage, groceries, and everything else a household faces. It is an invaluable piece in helping students put the puzzle of their future together.Reality Store Round Stamp Blue

The store is “staffed” by area business representatives who “sell” their services to the students. For example, realtors sell houses, car dealers sell vehicles, and insurance salesmen offer coverage. While in the store, students have to arrange for day care services, pay municipal taxes and order telephone and electric service as they prepare a monthly budget.

Two full day stores are held each spring for Auburndale, Granton, Greenwood, Immanuel Lutheran, Loyal, Marshfield Public and Catholic, Pittsville, Spencer, and Trinity Lutheran School Districts. More than 60 business volunteers help with bringing this hands-on learning experience to area students. If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact workforce development director Karen Isaacson at


  • “I liked learning how to spend wisely it was a fun real world experience.”
  • “I enjoyed figuring out how to manage my money.”
  • “I liked the experience of knowing what my parents go through.”
  • “It was a great opportunity thank you!”
  • “I had a good time and learned a lot about financial choices.”
  • “Thank you very much for creating the reality store. As a parent, it was very rewarding to hear my son talk about this activity and how it relates to his future. He specifically commented on the costs of day care, the need for health insurance, not being able to afford the car he really wanted, and seeing that education is needed for a high paying job.”

Health Career Connections

This program allows high school seniors to shadow a variety of jobs in the medical field where they can learn more about certain occupations. These young adults complete a full-semester rotation at Marshfield Medical Center exploring areas such as Pediatrics, Critical Care Unit, Emergency Room Patient Relations, House of the Dove, Clerical Support, Inpatient & Outpatient Pharmacy, Ronald McDonald House, Medical / Surgical Units, and more.

During the other semester, students complete rotations at other area health service community partners. Rotations during this semester are in a variety of fields such as dental, chiropractic, eye care, massage therapy, assisted living & nursing home care, pharmacy, occupational therapy, dietary/nutrition, physical therapy, health & fitness, health administration, and funeral home experience. This offers students a better understanding of their health career options and provides them with significant hands-on experience.


“Health Career Connections verified my interest in becoming a nurse. The experiences I gained from being involved in this program have contributed to my education in nursing since I can still make connections to what I learn in the classroom to what I witnessed at various healthcare facilities. Not only did I see what these amazing healthcare workers do, but my appreciation for all types of healthcare grew. I enjoyed being immersed in their daily work and being able to ask questions all the time. As I look back at my experiences in Health Career Connections, I am so happy to have had the chance to learn about health care in my own community. I am still looking back to those experiences and using them to advance my education in nursing, as I begin my nursing clinicals this upcoming semester at the UWEC Marshfield Site Nursing Program.”  – Tiffany G., Marshfield High School

“Health Career Connections made my senior year at Marshfield High school very special. As I traveled to local Marshfield businesses providing a variety of health services, I learned about the day to day operations of these fields. Today, I look back on these experiences with gratitude in that my knowledge has grown vastly within these areas. Though I am pursuing a nursing degree, each of the business areas provided me with information that’s useful in both my education and daily life. Health Career Connections made these unforgettable learning opportunities possible.” – Tara G., Marshfield High School

Youth Apprenticeship

Through the Youth Apprenticeship program, area companies have found skilled workers who add value to their organization.

Students participate in these programs for one to two years, therefore employers establish long term working relationships with students. This reduces the training time and provides a link to a younger workforce. Innovative Machine Specialists, Inc. stated many of their students have continued working with them after graduation and also tell friends about their company creating exposure to the younger generation workforce.

Students are available to work evenings, holidays and weekends, therefore they help fill scheduling gaps relieving the workload from full-time employees so they can take vacation. Forward Financial Bank said “Youth Apprenticeship students are the key to filling gaps in our scheduling, such as weekends, summers, holiday time etc. This makes it easier for all of us to take off and spend time with our families.”

Youth Apprenticeship students are able to assist with special projects and with time consuming tasks, therefore higher paid and trained employees have more time to work on higher payout projects. Marshfield Clinic utilized their Youth Apprentice student backing up and clearing old hard drives. This freed up their full time information technology personnel to build and test new hard drives.

The Youth Apprenticeship Program is a paid one to two year program for high school juniors and seniors that combines academic instruction, technical skills and on the job experience. This industry lead program is offered in areas where there is a demand for skilled workers. Not only does the Youth Apprenticeship program provide students with an opportunity to get experience in a career area of interest, it provides employers with an opportunity to build and train their future workforce.

Youth Apprenticeship programs are currently offered in the following career areas:

  • Automotive Collisionya_dwd_logos_dark_JPEG Image Version-logo
  • Automotive Technician
  • Biotechnology
  • Drafting and Design/ Architecture
  • Drafting and Design/ Engineering
  • Drafting and Design/ Mechanical
  • Financial Services
  • Graphic Arts/ Printing
  • Health Services
  • Information Technology
  • Lodging Management
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Manufacturing
  • Production Ag/ Animal Science
  • Production Ag/ Soils and Crops
  • Welding

Annually we recognize our graduating youth apprenticeship students and employers at a breakfast event in May honoring their participation and completion of the one-two year program. Below is a link to the recent graduates and employers:

2018-19 Youth Apprenticeship Recognition Program
2017-18 Youth Apprenticeship Recognition Program

For additional information on any of our Youth Training Programs, contact our Workforce Development Department at 715-384-3454.