Workforce Development

Workforce Initiatives

A top priority of most communities is to grow, attract and retain talented workforce.  Your Chamber works closely with existing businesses and educators to create/foster initiatives to address current and future employment needs.

The Marshfield Area Human Resource Association’s purpose is to provide a network for business and industry professionals to share human resource and other information of mutual concern. Download the MAHRA Application.

Benefits of MAHRA membership include:

  • Spousal Referral Program Recruitment advantage — when recruiting someone to our community, we will forward the resume of their significant other to our Human Resource group members, assisting them in finding qualified employment in the Marshfield Area.
  • Networking — meet others in similar roles within our community while keeping abreast of the latest Human Resource trends.

Meetings are held the second Wednesday of every other month September through May. Cost is $50.00 per program year.

The Paradox committee, comprised of industry sector leaders and educators, was formed to address current and future workforce needs in Marshfield and the surrounding area. Through a statewide and local gap analysis conducted the following topics were identified for laying the groundwork for the group:

  • Expose students to available vocational opportunities.
  • Offer more professional mentoring.
  • Provide more basic work ethic/readiness skills training.
  • Teachers and guidance staff could start identifying areas of interest and skills for each student.
  • More information should be provided on area vocational positions.
  • More forecasting of future job demands.

Monthly meeting are currently held.

The goal of the Recruitment committee is to address the challenges of recruiting talented workforce to the area. The mission of this group, comprised of various industry sector representatives, is to create jobs, keep jobs and bring people to the area, and assist with making the unemployable more employable. Meetings are held as needed.

The Marshfield Young Professionals (MYP) is a personal and professional development program of the Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce & Industry that encourages young business people to interact socially, exchange ideas, share common interests, learn more about the area’s business community, and engage in the community’s future.

The mission of MYP is to engage and empower young professionals through community, professional, and social opportunities; creating and promoting an environment to attract and retain professionals.

MYP’s goals:

  • Develop and enhance professionals skills
  • Share ambitions to grow, succeed and inspire
  • Encourage awareness of area businesses
  • Promote the inclusion of Young Professionals in social, economic and political institutions

Throughout the year, MYPs are involved in the following

  • Community brat fry
  • Sand 4 Sandboxes fundraiser
  • Volleyball league
  • Monthly socials (see calendar below)
  • Volunteering at Rotary Winter Wonderland
  • Book club
  • Wine/Beer and cheese tasting event
  • Annual Fall Event
  • 5K walk/run
  • Bowling events
  • VOX concerts
  • Holiday Gift Wrapping fundraiser

The Young Professionals Social Calendar provides information on upcoming social events.

Download the Young Professionals Interest Form.

Contact the Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce & Industry at or call 715-384-3454 to learn how you can get involved.