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NEW POLL: Wisconsin Voters Think Property Taxes are Too High and Favor Capitalism Over Socialism

According to a new poll released by WMC, a majority of Wisconsinites – 53% – say that their property taxes are too high, with only 2% of voters thinking their property taxes are too low.

This poll comes after Wisconsinites just received the largest property tax hike in 10 years, and after it was just revealed by the state’s non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) that Wisconsin has more than $800 million in extra tax revenue than was originally budgeted. WMC has called for Wisconsin’s lawmakers to do the only commonsense thing to when there is a surplus of tax revenue: give it back to the taxpayers.

Additionally, the poll showed growing support for capitalism versus socialism with a majority of voters – 64% – believing that capitalism is the better system. Only 16% of voters believed socialism was a better system. This is a 7-point net increase in support for capitalism since the previous survey in April 2019. Read More

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