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  • How They Voted – Annually, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce ranks members of Congress for key business votes set out in its annual publication, How They Voted. Votes included in the rankings are Chamber-designated “key votes”: recorded floor votes on issues established as priorities by the Chamber’s board of directors, on which the Chamber communicates its position prior to the vote.
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce and MetLife released the Small Business Index for Q4.
    • See a very healthy local and national economy
    • Feel comfortable with their current cash flow
    • Have reached a new high for increasing staff size
  • Helpful tips for businesses:

Ron Johnson Op-ed: Coronavirus Imperative: Do No Harm
America is in the midst of a national crisis that is no one’s fault. Elected and nonelected federal, state and local officials are making tough decisions and taking decisive action to limit the spread of the coronavirus. They deserve our collective support and our acceptance that results will be far from perfect.
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