City of Marshfield

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Marshfield Community TV

Local Political Party Offices:

  • Democratic Party – located inside Marshfield Mall. Use World Buffet entrance and they’re located down the hall to the right.
    • Office Hours:  10 am – 6 pm
    • Phone: (715) 207-0533
  • Republican Party – located inside Marshfield Mall, across from World Buffet
    • Office Hours:  9 am – 9 pm
    • Phone:  (715) 383-9470



Wood County Groundwater Protection and Waste Irrigation

UW-Extension Manure Irrigation Workgroup Public Webinar – April 14, 2016

The recorded public webinar includes presentations from three of the workgroup members: Ken Genskow (UW-Madison/UW-Extension), Becky Larson ((UW-Madison/UW-Extension), and Mark Borchardt (USDA-Agricultural Research Service). The webinar contains approximately 45 minutes of presentations, followed by 30 minutes for questions submitted by webinar attendees through the webinar platform.

Please note: The purpose of the webinar on April 14th was to provide an overview of the report and workgroup activities. A second, follow-up webinar will be scheduled for the week of May 16 to address questions people have about the report after they have had time to read it. Comments and questions for the second webinar may be submitted on and after April 14th.

Adams County Ordinance (2013)